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Dinner Appetizer Menu

Shrimp Fresh Rolls

Shrimp, rice noodles, vegetables wrapped in rice paper served with sweet sour sauce & grinded peanuts. $8

California Fresh Rolls

Crabmeat, lettuce, avocado, asparagus, carrot wrapped in rice paper $8

Spicy Thai Chicken Wing

Deep fried chicken wing tossed with curry-line butter $12

Bacon Scallop

Deep fried scallop wrapped with bacon, garlic butter sauce $12


Beef, pork, and vegetable dumpling $10

Tempura Shrimp

5 pieces $10

Tempura Vegetables

Sweet potato, squash, asparagus, onion & carrot $5

Jalapeno Salmon Popper


Baked Mussel

Baked green mussel topped with crab meat and ocean salad $5

Sushi Bar

Avocado Gratine

Baked creamy shrimp, scallop& parmesan cheese over half avocado. $10

Stuffed Tomato

Crab meat, creamy scallop, green onion wrapped with fresh tuna sweet glaze. $9

Avocado Melt

Mixed snowcrab meat wrapped with avocado slices. $9


Tuna 7 pcs $20
Salmon 7 pcs $16
Yellowtail 7pcs $18

Sushi Sampler

Fresh tuna, yellowtail, salmon, octopus $18

Fresh Oysters (raw)

4 pieces $12

Hawaiian Poke (raw)


Tako Sunomono

10 pcs Octopus cucumber salad $15

Mashed Avocado

With tortilla chips mixed with crab meat, mayo, tempura flakes $9

Cowboy’s Sushi

4 pcs Torched ribeye slices over sushi $9

Miso Black Cod

Boiled miso and sake marinated Alaska black cod $10

Tuna Tar Tar (raw)